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I'm a 24years old Greek artist with a passion for creating cartoony characters, especially in whimsical fantasy settings.

My greatest source of inspiration comes from American cartoons and anime culture, and I strive to implement such expressive shape language and use of bright color palettes in my own designs as well! 

I would describe myself as a restless enthusiast always on the lookout for new challenges and eager to lend my skill and passion to new, unique projects. More than anything, I feel most at home when it comes to bringing fun, adventure-loving characters to life, even more so if there are supernatural elements to be involved in their story.

A few words about me...

My education and work experience

I graduated from AKTO College of Arts and Design in 2021, and since then, I've had the opportunity to work as a freelancer in a variety on domains, including storyboarding and creation of animatics for an American podcast, as well as as an arts and crafts teacher for younger audiences.

Furthermore, I have also worked on private art commissions, creating illustrations and posters both for commercial and non-commercial use.

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